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5 Reasons for Using the Pomodoro Technique

Unlike one may think, Pomodoro is not “just” a timer. This is a technique by itself. Here are 5 reasons for using the Pomodoro Technique: The #1 reason is obvious but we still need to mention it not to decrease its importance: IT IMPROVES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY INSTANTLY. Yes, instantly. To … Continue reading

Importance of Web 2.0

For too many companies, websites and social networking is something they do because, they think they have no other choice. For small companies, we can always see the “old fashion” website in html without any relation with their customers. They do not realize the importance of “stay connected with customers”. This … Continue reading

Benefits of Pre-Purchase Inspection

When moving in a foreign country, we, sometimes, just assume that buying a property is the same than in our country of origin. Unfortunately, it is not and it happens that things don’t go as smooth as expected especially when there are some defects, whether they’re intentional or not, visible … Continue reading

Benefits for Scheduled Maintenance

When we own a property, we, sometimes, have the tendency to wait for things to break before replacing them. That seems to be okay when we live into that property but what if things break while you’re away or while you’re renting your property? You can trust me when I … Continue reading

ShopShop Review

Today, I just want to share my shopping list application with you! Don’t worry, I am not asking you go for my grocery shopping! For organisation purposes, I am sharing my ShopShop Review with you! This app is really useful and I like the features it offers. First, it is free … Continue reading

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