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Importance of Web 2.0

For too many companies, websites and social networking is something they do because, they think they have no other choice. For small companies, we can always see the “old fashion” website in html without any relation with their customers. They do not realize the importance of “stay connected with customers”. This … Continue reading

Benefits of Pre-Purchase Inspection

When moving in a foreign country, we, sometimes, just assume that buying a property is the same than in our country of origin. Unfortunately, it is not and it happens that things don’t go as smooth as expected especially when there are some defects, whether they’re intentional or not, visible … Continue reading

How I managed to reach 1K people without paying

Most of you know that nowadays, business is made online, and you need to practice your Facebook skills every day. In Panama, more than anywhere else, Facebook is your way to advertise online. A few weeks ago, I really wanted to have a post out but I wasn’t ready to … Continue reading

Best Time for Posting on Social Media

We have all been there: writing great content and wanting to share it with our followers on social media. But, we all ended with the same question: What is the best time for posting on social media? It depends on which social media you are posting on. Let’s dig out some … Continue reading

8 Reasons for Having a Website

Without thinking too much about, I have found at least 8 reasons for having a website. #1 The first one is to enhance your web presence; today, everyone “googles” everything, so you certainly do not want to miss that spot. The Internet is the place to be to be found. … Continue reading

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