10 Ideas for Writing Blogs

You just have taken the loop of being an entrepreneur and you have now a website. Perfect move! Within your website, you have a section for blogging and you know you have to write consistently to attract your clients. However, you don’t always feel like a writer and you often experience the “blank page” inconvenience…

To make sure it doesn’t happen anymore, here are

10 Ideas for Writing Blogs


You can use this list at will and never run short of ideas. Amazing, right? Keep reading and get rid of the hassle of finding inspiration!

I must admit that, even if I really love and enjoy writing, sometimes, like everyone else, I feel stuck and don’t know what to talk about…

And even if I know what to talk about, I have to make sure my readers will find a use in my words.

So I made some research and found out that it is not “that” difficult to find ideas that provide value to your clients. Because, remember that VALUE is the key.


  • Idea #1 – “How to”

People like to learn new stuff, so you can easily write some blogs about how to do this or that and have great results. Try to keep these “how to” blogs related to your area of expertise or you may lose some readers on the way. Never refrain yourself to make some printable or sharable pictures so people can save and share them with others.


  • Idea #2 – “X reasons for”

This is also a good idea for engaging your audience. Plus, you can express here the features of your product or service that would benefit your clients. Once again, keep it as much as possible related to your field. Never hesitate to suggest your readers to share their reasons in the comment section as well!


  • Idea #3 – “X things you can’t live without”

Let your audience know you’re also a human! Knowing what you like and dislike may be a way to bond with your clients and vice-versa. Did you ever notice that you easily feel close to someone you share interests with? Of course you did! That’s the point. If I can’t live without, let’s say, a few cups of this delicious Cafe Duran, and that you also like it, we already share something without even knowing each other.


  • Idea #4 – Tell a personal story

Once again, show you’re not a robot and tell people about you. You don’t have to go too far, this is not what I am saying, but you can introduce your pet for example, or tell about the last movie you saw and why you liked or

disliked it. You can talk about how you came to where you are now, or anything that is related to you as a person.

By the way, here is Samy, my yellow crowned amazon! Crazy talker and dancer, but also trouble maker! Not easy to work when he is around!


  • Idea #5 – Make a product review

The perfect match is to review a product or service that is related to your activity or can be complementary to your own offering.

Avoid at all cost to review your competitors’ products; even if you’re doing it honestly, you may not be objective enough and/or your competitor may feel threatened and the last thing you want is to fight with your competition. (I mean fight more than you’re already!)


  • Idea #6 – “Pros and cons for… “

Here, you can list benefits and inconveniences for a specific product, service, or whatever comes into your mind. This can be an app, a kind of light, a make-up product, anything. It is great if you can keep it related to your field, but keep also in mind that your audience learns more about you each time you write something. So, don’t ne shy and get them to know you!


  • Idea #7 – Why did you embrace your career?

Once again, it gives your readers some insights about yourself and you can, not only tell them how you get there, but also, why you get there. With this in mind, they may see your brand as a reference and depending on your area of expertise, people will certainly want to know more about you and your products.


  • Idea #8 – Your biggest lesson learned

You know the adage “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, right? Well, it is true! And depending on the challenges overcome, some of us are very very strong!

In this case, you can share the lessons that made you who you are and how are it was to overcome them.


  • Idea #9 – Interview

Make an interview of one of your peers or, if you’re lucky, one of the influencers in your area of expertise. It is sometimes very beneficial to do an interview for several reasons. For example, a video is always more fun to watch than a blog post to read … Also, when you’re not alone making statements, people will realize that, interestingly ( 😀 ), you know what you are doing and what you are talking about.


  • Idea #10 – Event

Host an event! Wether it is a Facebook live or a physical event, having interactions with your audience is one of the best way to describe your product benefits. Doing a live-demo is the best way to get your potential clients to know you and your products.



Last words… 

As you can see, there are tons of ideas for writing posts! My last advice would be to be consistent. Pick a schedule and stick with it so your people know when to expect to hear from you.

Also, if you’re really not in the mood of writing, remember that we can take care of this for you as part as our Freelancing Services Offering.

Until next time, take care!


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