Benefits for Business Auditing

There are a lot of benefits for business auditing.

I remember back in time when I was the co-oowner of our aeronautic company, the first time I heard we were about to be audited, it scared me to death! I was convinced that the auditor would do whatever he can to find bad spots and make a bad report on the company. I was wrong.

There are a lot of benefits for business auditing.

One of them is that the auditor is not part of your company so he comes with “new eyes” and will ask questions on how and why you do specific things. That will make you question yourself as well.

This is true that none of us likes when someone we don’t know comes and makes some comments on our activities. But, the only goal of this is for him to understand your processes and makes suggestions to improve it.

If we had to summarise a business audit, consider every comment or suggestion as a way to improve your business, wether it is about time-management or organisation.

There is no time wasted when realising an audit. I firmly believe that each business owner should have one once a year to maintain and/or expand his or her business.

We, at Manzana-Consulting, would be more than happy to help you increase your sales and improve your ways to do so.

A few fields we can help you with:

  • Marketing activities: You have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, a LinkedIn page and you don’t have any leads coming from these. We can assist you in fixing this.
  • Organisation and time-management: You  work from early morning to late evening seven days a week and you still feel you accomplish nothing. We can analyse your weekly schedule and help you manage your time. Tip: Did you know that there is nothing worse than interruptions in a regular business day?
  • Customer service: You receive tons of emails and messages and cannot handle them. We can help you organising your inbox using the “important/urgent matrix”.

We are here to make your business life easier, so why don’t you give us a try? 🙂

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