Benefits for Scheduled Maintenance

When we own a property, we, sometimes, have the tendency to wait for things to break before replacing them. That seems to be okay when we live into that property but what if things break while you’re away or while you’re renting your property?

You can trust me when I say there are

Benefits for Scheduled Maintenance!


Benefits for Scheduled maintenance


  • Replacing or fixing things before they break

You may not believe it but actually, replacing or fixing stuff may save you money at the end. Let’s say your washer shows signs of malfunction and you do nothing. At some point, you may have to replace it and if you happen to have renters at this time, you will not have time to shop for finding the best deal. You will end by having to go for the fastest way to replace it and as always, fastest is never cheapest…

  • Avoiding serious damages

When you schedule a roof maintenance for example, you are not waiting for leaks to be real. Doing a regular “check-up” of your roof will prevent serious leaks that can ruin not only the roof, but also your ceilings and everything beyond.

  • Maximizing the expectancy of your material

Cleaning the AC filters seems to be a no brainer, right? However, I know lot of places where they’re not cleaned on a regular basis. At some point, not only, you’ll need to replace them but it could seriously damage the AC system itself or you can see your electricity bill going up like crazy…

  • Fumigating your land

In Panama, we have a lot of bugs. Some of them are okay to deal with but others are more of a hassle. It is always better to do preventive care on your land than waiting for a scorpions infestation that would clear your property from renters in a blink. There are some companies who do that by contract with quarterly visits and most people are happy that we advised them to do so.

These are the most common examples of what you need to really consider as preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected costs. Of course, depending on your property, there are services to add to make sure you’re maximizing your return on investment. Just call us for an assessment and we will gladly advise you and suggest a maintenance calendar.

Stay hassle-free. Hire professionals!


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