Benefits of Pre-Purchase Inspection

When moving in a foreign country, we, sometimes, just assume that buying a property is the same than in our country of origin.

Unfortunately, it is not and it happens that things don’t go as smooth as expected especially when there are some defects, whether they’re intentional or not, visible or hidden.

This is why there are a lot of benefits of pre-purchase inspection.


Benefits of pre-purchase inspection

Our team of knowledgable workers would come to the property you intend to buy and would check some vital elements that are most of the time unseen. Don’t blame the seller, he/she is usually of good will but materials and buildings don’t age the same way here. Remember our beautiful Panama is a tropical country!

  • Roof

Our team will check the roof to see if it presents any leak or damage that need to be fixed urgently. If the roof is covered with tiles, they will check if they’re still in good shape, not broken, and not porous. In case of metal roof, they will check that there is no invasive rust either on the sheets or on the fixation screws. Most of the time, they will advise you to check regularly on the screws because this is where leaks come from at first. There is supposed to have a silicon joint that has to be replaced and/or checked when maintenance is done.

  • Ceiling

Ceiling inspection is usually another way to check about roof sealing although it is way better not to wait to see humidity stains on the ceilings before scheduling a roof inspection. It happens sometimes that the ceiling has evidences of past leaks, and although it needs a new coat of paint, it is not as serious as it could appear.

If the ceiling is made of drywall and that you can see some cracks, our team would evaluate if this comes from temperature and humidity in the air or if it reveals a more serious defect. Cracks in drywall are sadly very usual here because of the daily variation in temperature and humidity. It is usually not very serious but it is always better to have a professional check.

  • Walls

Once again, it happens frequently that walls show cracks. It can either be in the finish coating before painting, which is not serious, or in the wall itself. If it is in the wall itself, it is usually very important to check if it goes through the wall, what is the length and the width of the crack. This is something we would advise you to fix especially if it goes through the wall. Whereas there a not many earthquakes in our area, it is always safer to make sure not to get over damage if it happens.

  • Electricity and Plumbing

Although there are a lot of hidden parts in electricity and plumbing installations, it is usually good to check the visible installation and connections. If we find some parts that look old or very used, we would definitely advise you to check more in depth to make sure you’re not going to have running water in the walls without notice. For electricity, we usually check the connections to the panel to make sure they’re done safely.

  • Wood

Wood construction is not really popular on the Pacific Coast. The main reason is the cost of treated wood needed for building. Buying this kind of wood is expensive but it keeps termites away from it. If you’re lucky, you can find some tek or nispero, which are resistant to termite attacks. Other than that, you need to have any kind of wood checked to make sure there is no surprise, I mean bad surprise…

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this service and remember we’re here to help and advise. The choice stays yours ultimately!

Welcome in your new home sweet home!


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