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Is the bullet journal right for you?

Is the Bullet Journal right for you?

As some of you already know, I am always ready to try new stuff to fuel my time-management obsession 😄 , which took me to try the Bullet Journal. And to answer the question: “Is the Bullet Journal right for you?” First of all, I have to say that I […]

Using the Important and Urgent Matrix.

Using the Important and Urgent Matrix

Interestingly, when you want to be better at time-management, you have to waste some time to carefully watch yourself at work! The main task is to prioritize your time Using the Important and Urgent Matrix. This is a wonderful tool that will really help you after you mastered the way […]

Handling Interruptions

Handling Interruptions

Again, you spent your day at work being crazy busy and by the end of the day, your todo list is not empty although there was nothing long to do… So what the heck happened? Research showed that the worst time draining is interruptions. Here is your answer. You’ve been […]

5 reasons for using Pomodoro

5 Reasons for Using the Pomodoro Technique

Unlike one may think, Pomodoro is not “just” a timer. This is a technique by itself. Here are 5 reasons for using the Pomodoro Technique: The #1 reason is obvious but we still need to mention it not to decrease its importance: IT IMPROVES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY INSTANTLY. Yes, instantly. To […]

Getting Things Done AKA GTD!

Getting Things Done AKA GTD

When it comes to organisation and time management, we all try to find the best way to end our day with an empty daily task list. This is the accomplishment of Getting Things Done AKA GTD! The best way to start fresh is to hire an¬†Efficiency Expert! Well, I can’t […]