Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media

We live in an era where you may find yourself “tagging” your colleague on Facebook while he is sitting right next to you. Sounds crazy huh!

This is what we call:

The Power of Social Media! 

Power of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media in a few words

But not only you will use social medias to tag your friends or colleagues, that is also a great tool for business. You can develop slightly your audience and increase dramatically your sales by doing some online ads for a few bucks.

Remember back in time when we had to print our advertisements, mail them, or have someone handling them to (not so)-potential clients? That was costing an insane amount of money and that was sometimes not even worth it.

As always, there is good and bad things about social media. For instance, one of the advantage is that you can do business worldwide and you can share your blog and ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. You just have to choose the most appropriate social media depending on your activity and your audience. We will explain in another article the uses you can make of some of the most important social medias. You can reach thousands of people in one click from your home office wearing your pajamas! Ha!

On the other hand, you have to be very careful about your e-label because that is also very easy to harm your reputation if you don’t protect your personal data. This is one of the course I teach: Protecting your personal data to avoid hurting your business 🙂

The old statement “It takes years to get a good reputation and minutes to take it down” applies even more these days where people have the tendency to share everything on the Internet. I always preach to take any opportunity as an improvement path, and social media is definitely something to consider to improve your business’ reputation. You gotta love it!

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Best Time for Posting on Social Media

Best Time for Posting on Social Media

Best Time for Posting on Social Media

We have all been there: writing great content and wanting to share it with our followers on social media. But, we all ended with the same question:

What is the best time for posting on social media?

It depends on which social media you are posting on.

Let’s dig out some answers and get details on each social media you may want to use.


Although Facebook was mostly used for friends and family at first, it dramatically expanded and is now a tool to consider when it comes to promoting your business. The best way to do it is to set up a Facebook page for your business, to share information about your business on that page, and to share again in your personal timeline. Your friends may share it with their friends and this is a way to get some business from your friends and your family.

It is highly recommended to post no more than 1 or 2 updates per day, so your followers do not constantly see ads for your business. It happened quite a few times that I “unlike” a page for seeing their updates too often.

Best time on Facebook to post is 1 – 4 pm everyday.

Best Time For Posting on Social Media




Twitter is a fantastic tool to share short information using short links to your followers. Since this is very short information, you can go up to 5 updates per day without the “fear” of overwhelming your followers! 😀

Twitter has a shorter window than Facebook since the best time to post is 1 – 3 pm everyday.



Instagram is used for picture sharing. You can also upload some videos or animations to share with your followers. Like Facebook, it is better to share only 1 or 2 pictures / videos per day.

Timing is great though because you can post ANYTIME!



Pinterest is definitely the growing social media. Pin and repin are part of my daily vocabulary! For now, it is best to post between 5 pm and 11 pm but I bet it will be more often. Best thing is that you can pin about 10 times per day. So. Ready. Set. Pin!



LinkedIn is a very powerful professional network. Best schedule is 1 post per day between 7 am and 8:30 am.

Do not forget to join groups on LinkedIn and to recommend people, knowing that they will do the same to you! (extra tip!)

Those are the ones that are the most widely used from my point of view. Depending on the niche you are in, you may find yourself using some more than the others but, without a doubt, you need to implement a social media strategy to increase your subscriber list and get more exposure.

10 Skills Community Managers Have

10 skills community managers have featured image

10 skills community managers have featured image

Before I go further an enumerate the top 10 skills community managers have, let’s have a look on what the heck is a community manager! Sounds good?

10 skills community managers have

In our time, everything has something to do with social media, wether you use it for professional or personal purposes.

A few years ago, we started talking about Social Media Manager (SMM). Shortly after that, we started talking about Community Manager (CM). As soon as you enter the business path, you need to get involved with social media. You may run short in time so you would need to hire someone who will take care of that side of your biz. Question is: what is the best fit for me and my business? Let’s define then!

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager or SMM is your brand on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, and so on.

His/her job is to create content and share said content on social media in a purpose of bringing traffic and ultimately, sales. Your SMM will interact with clients, answer comments and/or questions, and analyse the campaign performance.

For most people, a SMM spends his/her day on Facebook! This partially explains why there are so many candidates! Unfortunately, this is part of the job, but not the biggest! You can see a complete job description here.

What is a Community Manager?

Although, most people think Community Manager and Social Media Manager are the same position, this is not totally true. Of course, parts of the jobs are quite similar but I will take you to the big differences later on your reading.

A Community Manager or CM advocates your brand on social media platforms, blogs, and forums. His/her role is to federate potential customers around the brand. Sales is not the ultimate goal for a CM. Instead, boosting awareness about the brand and have a community engaged in sharing comments and questions about it is the main purpose. A CM is an own social person. It means he/she will virtually and physically network and attend online and offline events in order to spread the word.

Beside that part, a CM listens and analyses the trends on social media. He/she is your eyes and ears on what is happening online so you don’t miss anything! Your CM is a content creator with strong communication skills and an incredible organisation system.

This video is a good summary of what a CM is and does! Interestingly, even though it doesn’t appear as the best job ever, there are a lot of people out there who has the right set of skills needed to perfectly perform that position. This is all about community awareness and engagement. For a complete job description, click here.

So let’s get to the point!

10 Skills Community Managers have

  • Communication: no matter if this a single tweet or a 1500-word post, a CM needs strong communication skills for online and offline events.
  • Good-judgement: since the CM is the one looking at trending and community engagement, he/she has to determine what to post and where to share.
  • Empathy: during online and offline events, your CM will have to constantly put himself/herself in someone else’s shoes and nobody can perform this without empathy.
  • Content creation: this part includes but is not limited to copywriting, design, photography, videography, creativity, and positioning.
  • Organisation and dedication: CM is more or less a 24/7 position so organisation is a mandatory skill not to get overwhelmed in less than a week. So, plan, list, and prioritise. A background in project management is VERY helpful! 😀
  • Adaptability: a CM wears an incredible set of hats! He/she is a marketer, a PR, a customer service guru, a social media manager, and many more! This may seem finally a hard job, we all appreciate success when it overcomes a challenge, right! 😉
  • Level-headed attitude: let’s face it: a CM will have, like any of us, to deal with negative comments and with “you-can-do-whatever-you-can-I-will-never-be-satisfied” clients. The CM is calm and his/her friendly and empathetic attitude helps to keep it chill!
  • Customer service management: Directly related to previous skill, a CM is also a customer service guru who will find a way to resolve an issue / a concern / a situation instead of letting it escalate.
  • Background in analytics: as soon as you jump in online business, you will have only one word in your mouth: ANALYTICS! That’s quite normal and necessary. Analytics is your way to measure your performance and to adjust your strategy if needed.
  • Being passionate: No-brainer there, huh! How would you engage and federate a community about something your don’t like yourself?

5 Big Differences Between the Jobs

  • Time Consumption: CM are ont duty approximately 24/7 because they have to be available for the community they represent. SMM usually have a 9-5 job.
  • Communication channels: CM use all platforms available on the Internet, whether it is social media, blogs, or forums. SMM only use social media platforms. I say “only” but it still keeps them quite busy! 😀
  • Supervision: usually CM depends of big boss directly while SMM work very closely with marketing department.
  • Activities and occupations: the main role of CM is to build a community and engage it, humanising a brand or company. On the other hand, SMM’s role is to develop brand strategy and realise online marketing.
  • Goals measurement: CM get their analytics from different means: customer feedback, customer loyalty, community engagement, and community involvement. SMM mainly get their measurements from traffic coming from social media.

Last words…

Running a business is time consuming. As soon as you hit the social media area, that’s the end of it! Never hesitate to hire someone who can help you with that part because, trust me, this is a full-time job!

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