Past Realisations

Past Realisations

Past Realisations

Whenever it comes to business, you absolutely NEED an online presence. You can go with a Facebook page, but your business will definitely look more professional with a website.

Your potential clients will find you easily on any search engine because your website will be S.E.O. optimised. That’s the key.

Let’s face it. Facebook is fine but you can bet that people will not necessarily have the idea to check on Facebook to see if they can find you. In some places in the world, it still works enough like this but that will not last long.

Just to give you an idea,

Here are a few examples of my past realisations.

Check these websites out and let’s talk soon about getting you online. Like SERIOUSLY!

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Manzana Consulting, Corp.


Expatriation Panama


Anne au Panama

Anne au Panama


BnB El Litoral, Panama


Idgaf Photography


Manzana Coaching

8 Reasons for Having a Website

8 Reasons for Having a Website

8 Reasons for Having a Website

Without thinking too much about, I have found at least 8 reasons for having a website.


The first one is to enhance your web presence; today, everyone “googles” everything, so you certainly do not want to miss that spot. The Internet is the place to be to be found.


Reason number 2 is a more responsible way to advertise: instead of printing tons of pamphlets that would be thrown away, building a website is better. Advertising on the Internet allows you to describe all your activities and be very specific and detailed on your offering, which is very useful considering that people can click only on the pages they want to read.


The 3rd reason is that the Internet is open 24/7, so you are reachable anytime by your customers whether they are early or late!


Another reason that takes me to number 4 is that you can add your website to your business cards and never again feel embarrassed when one of your business contact asks for a website you did not have so far.


5th reason to have a website is that you can compete worldwide! You will receive and reply to inquiries that come from all over the world; Can you believe that not so much time ago, you were only competing with neighbors?


Reason number 6 is reactivity: Competition is very fierce and you have to be first on line to reply to potential customers if you want to stay in your market. You can’t just see the train passing you and going way; you have to be aboard!


Reason 7 is prospecting: you can easily find businesses or individuals that match your offering using some simple marketing tools that are usually free. Doing so allows you to target the right customer for your business.


Finally, reason 8 is price. There is no possible best way to build your presence than the Internet. From your website, you can link your facebook business page, your twittter account, your instagram account, your youtube channel and so on. Imagine how much it would cost if you have to advertise about all separately!

We can help you build your internet presence. Give us a call or shoot us an email!

Importance of Web 2.0

Importance of Web 2.0

Importance of Web 2.0

For too many companies, websites and social networking is something they do because, they think they have no other choice. For small companies, we can always see the “old fashion” website in html without any relation with their customers. They do not realize the importance of “stay connected with customers”. This is where we make statement about:

The Importance of Web 2.0

Although we still think the Web 2.0 websites are for big companies, it is not true. A small company can be online with its customers and they do not need to spend a lot of money on it. For example, your Apple Guru in Coronado, Panama uses WordPress and is connected to all social medias.

Build your social network because you need to:  you are human!

Consider your company networking like your personal networking. Knowing who the others are, what they do but also be known and recognized. Now with the Web 2.0, your company and your customers can talk and comment on the same topic. You have a “special” product ? Share with your followers, friends, like you like to share with your friends.

So now I agree, what’s next !

You can find different solutions based on your size. For the biggest companies, they will choose to hire some developers, designers, Web marketers and social networkers. For small and medium companies, the choices are narrow. If you have some skills (and time) , you can build your website with some web softwares like, JoomlaWordPressDrupal. All are free but you will need time to build your SEO. You need to connect your website to your social networking. Open a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to increase your e-reputation.

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