Freelancing Services

A consulting services company is aimed to propose you different options to all kind of issues or concerns.


At Manzana-Consulting, we have a skilled team dedicated to your promotion services on the Internet or elsewhere. 


From freelancing services to business coaching, we have you covered. Stay focus on serving your clients and let us take care of the back-scene operations. 

A few examples of what we can help you with:


Time-Management: Time is our scarcest resource. We help you use it wisely and make the most of it.

Productivity: Productivity is your output in a specific timeframe. Don’t you feel sometimes that you have done nothing?

Organization: From home to business, master the art of color coding and some other cool stuff to help you enjoy every minute of that free time you will get.

Motivation: You know that feeling when you just want to stay in bed and wait for your motivation to be back, right? From meditation to exercise, get back on track and win your day!

Planning: Planning is great. Planning realistically is better. Don’t pile your agenda and keep room for unexpected events.

Get Things Done: Master the art of having an empty todo list at the end of each day. This one is related to smart goals.

Coaching: We all need sometimes to get in touch with someone out of our life who will see ways to improve our routine and motivate us to do so, whether it is for personal or work life.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistance is a fantastic way to delegate your administrative tasks to someone who will handle them easily and let you focus on your core business.

Writing / Blogging: In French and English languages, get some fantastic creative contents tailored just for you. As a bonus, this content is SEO optimized so you can upload it right away on your website. Ha!

Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Get your content uploaded on all platforms. Searching trends and advising on marketing strategies are top bonus.

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