Getting Things Done AKA GTD

Getting Things Done AKA GTD!

When it comes to organisation and time management, we all try to find the best way to end our day with an empty daily task list. This is the accomplishment of

Getting Things Done AKA GTD!

The best way to start fresh is to hire anĀ Efficiency Expert!

Well, I can’t promise you’ll get this one, but at least, you will have tips to get away from your stressful day of work.

As soon as you put one foot in time-management, you decide you will accomplish tons of tasks faster than never. That’s the first mistake we all make… We have to set REALISTIC goals, otherwise we will be discouraged by that never ending todo list…

First, divide your projects into smaller tasks so you can meet the deadlines with no stress or last minute rush. Let’s take an example. You have to write a blog post that is about 2,000 words for the end of the week on a topic you are not familiar with. Considering, you have a week to write that big blog, you can easily divide this project in smaller tasks. On Monday, go online and start researching your topic. Grab sources, skim over them and decide which ones you would summarise to back up your article.

On Tuesday, find or create visuals. Remember that you have to give credits to whoever you borrow the visuals from if you’re not doing them. (Unless you paid for a special visual made especially for you).

On Wednesday, write the outline. Very important! Good outline is the key. Then, this is “just” a fill in the blank task.

On Thursday, fill your outline, add your visuals and make sure your post will be SEO ready.

On Friday, you review it, send it to your boss if needed, do any change needed and PUBLISH!

That’s it. You are not stressed by this project because you work by smaller chunks. And guess what? That article will be excellent because you have worked on it “stress-free”.

That’s how we get things done in our business and we can help you accomplish the same. We work online and we virtually hold your hand until you’re ready to walk alone!

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