How I managed to reach 1K people without paying

Most of you know that nowadays, business is made online, and you need to practice your Facebook skills every day. In Panama, more than anywhere else, Facebook is your way to advertise online.

A few weeks ago, I really wanted to have a post out but I wasn’t ready to go through expensive ad. Here is

How I managed to reach 1K people without paying


How I managed to reach 1K people without paying


Getting a great result without spending a dime is my favorite thing!

Here is said post:

The first important thing is the image: it has to be eye-catching or it’s not going anywhere… I believe you recognized Groot from the Gardians of the Galaxy movie. As a bonus, here is the trailer :D… A social media post doesn’t have to be boring, right?

(On the Facebook post image, Groot has blue eyes and guess what? They’re mine!)

So, let’s dive in. What’s the recipe? Here are the ingredients:


  • a great subject. People mostly are bored and they need FUN. You won’t have the same impact if you’re talking car insurance or pool party accessories. I am not saying that people are not interested in car insurance but your audience is limited. When it is about fun, you can bet that every single human being on planet earth is interested in fun.
  • an eye-catching image, so it grabs people’s attention. They’re like “wait, it looks like Groot, but it doesn’t seem quite Groot”!
  • some good content. Once people clicked on your link, the last thing you want is that they close the page instantly because you suck at writing!
  • a tribe of people already in love with your work so you know they will share your masterpiece!



It looks complicated but as long as you have all your ducks in line, that should work. There is no secret beyond the ingredients you need to come up with a great piece worth sharing.

The most important thing is to never quit. Look, this is just like weight lifting: you’re getting better each time. So keep doing it. Period!

For more advise or training, just contact us and we’ll teach you how to improve your skills without loosing your mind! Until then, take care and keep being good at what you’re doing!

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