Is the Bullet Journal right for you?

Is the bullet journal right for you?

As some of you already know, I am always ready to try new stuff to fuel my time-management obsession 😄 , which took me to try the Bullet Journal.
And to answer the question:

“Is the Bullet Journal right for you?”

First of all, I have to say that I love walking in libraries and stuck my nose in old books! Yeah, I know, it sounds I am a weirdo… But I can’t help. I like the smell of books, I like the feeling of pages, I am an avid reader. I was an only child so you bet my books were my best friends.

Another funny fact about me is that if we go shopping together one day, you can drop me at the school and office supplies aisle. And guess what? You will find me in that EXACT same spot 2 hours later. Once agin, this is stuff I like. I love getting new pens, I have a Molsekine notebook my husband bought me that I cherish like it is a precious treasure, and nothing pleases me more than spending my free time reading. This is who I am.


However, new technologies and the urge to always be connected took me to have a calendar that I sync with my phone, a tablet on which I read without bothering my husband with light in the bedroom, and since I am living in Panama where there is no postal service, my birthday, Christmas, and thank you cards are virtual 🙁

When I heard about the Bullet Journal, I thought I would try it and reconnect with my pens and notebook old relationship.

So I started by listing what I would like to see in my journal. The main positive point of the Bullet Journal, or Bujo, is its flexibility: You can write whatever is relevant to you. There is no real rule, that’s totally customisable.


So here is what I needed in my daily journal:

  • My wake-up time (I know I know, who cares?! That’s my point: Flexibility!)
  • My weight
  • My 3 most important tasks
  • My positive thought for the day
  • How long did I work out for
  • How long did I meditate for
  • The food I eat
  • The water I drink
  • My expenses
  • My basic todo list
  • My accomplishments of the day (so I know if I deserve a cocktail! 🍹)

Kind of simple things, huh?

And here I started!

After I was done with my list, I took my favorite pen and my new notebook (💃🏻) and I started to watch videos and instructions on how I fit my stuff in there.

I took me quite some time to organise the different pages and create my “signifiers”. I will not go to in depth in these but here is the short version on how is set up a Bujo:

  • First page is your “index” page, where you are going to write what’s in your journal and where to find this. That made me think of a table of content.
  • You have a “Future Log“, which is the major events of the year or future 6 months if you decided not to add the full year.
  • Then a “Monthly Log” with important dates of the month (birthdays, meetings, etc)
  • Finally the “Daily Log” is your daily journal.
  • You can also have pages named “collections” where you list the movies you want to see, the books you want to read, your ideas for your next blog, and so on.

You also have to decide what “signifiers” you are going to use. Signifiers are codes that will let you know instantly what is to be done with the task associated. You can find everything you always wanted to know about bullet journal here.

Each end of month, you need to do a “migration“. This is where and when you evaluate your inputs that are still undone. You may reschedule or delete if it is not relevant anymore.

Then, honestly, I started to pull my hair… Like, for real.

Although I have to admit that I was so happy to rebuild my real writing skills, I didn’t work for me. Too much to write, too much to read, to much to reschedule…

If you happen to write anything wrong, then you will have some marks on your “art”! I know, you don’t really need to show your bullet journal to anybody, but I think I am so in love with clarity that I can’t stand anything that looks crappy.

I definitely think this is great for those who love to write. And I am one of them. When it comes to organisation and time-management, it didn’t work for me. I am not a giving up person, so I created an alternate of the bullet journal. I took everything that was in my list and put it on a template that I can print daily and fill with my stuff.

I will probably make some updates along the time but for now, that’s all I need in there and I sadly have to accept that the Bullet Journal is not for me. It is definitely fantastic for those of us who love to write on paper, but although I like the idea of journaling, it is to me, not as useful than solutions technology offers.

Please do not hesitate to grab my free daily journal and if you like to have a personalised one, just shoot me an email!

Chat soon 😉

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