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ManzaGroup is a group where you can share your experience, your tips and tricks, and ask questions.

Each day of the week has a different purpose:

Motivating Monday:

Motivating Mondays ~ ManzaGroup

Mondays are the starting days where we share our motivation sources.

Is it a video, a quote, a special breakfast, or else?

 Sharing Tuesday:

Sharing Tuesdays ~ ManzaGroup

Tuesdays are about your best app, website, or plugin you’re using.

Also, you can ask for specific help on any subject you’re struggling with. Feel free!

 Inspiring Wednesday:

Inspiring Wednesdays ~ ManzaGroup

Wednesdays are the days where you can share your favorite quote or picture,

and all members can discuss their choices.

What gives you inspiration when you’re half-week?

 Promoting Thursday: 

Promoting Thursdays ~ ManzaGroup

On Thursdays, you can share your website, your:

Facebook page,

your links, your pins,

and/or whatever you like to promote your business.

 Rewarding Friday:

Rewarding Fridays ~ ManzaGroup

It is time to reward yourself for your week’s accomplishments.

Did you reach your goals? How do you reward yourself?

Spa Time, Restaurant with your sweetheart, Movie theatre, Nap?

Tell us!