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We, at Manzana Soluciones, are bringing solutions to your construction problems. Whether you need a builder, a contractor, or someone who can manage your supplies delivery, we have someone right here to help you.

Here are a few examples of our services:


Remodeling: When you feel your home need a “youth cure”, just call us so we can come to your place and discuss options as well as suggesting the best ways to get the results expected. We are living full time in Panama since 2014 and we have some good insights about the materials you could use and the ones you absolutely have to stay away. Never forget what can a tropical weather do to ¬†wood and metal if not used appropriately.

Repairs: Whether you need repairs on your plumbing system or electric system, we have the right person for this. In some cases, we can also have some patches on concrete, tile replacement, and roof repairs. Just contact us so we can assess your needs and come with alternatives.

Maintenance: This is better to maintain your property before you need to repair it. Once again, weather is tough here and you may want to consider having a regular maintenance on your property rather than waiting for damages unrepairable. We can offer you some plans to keep your home on track.

Construction: Our crew is totally capable of doing construction work starting from scratch. We mostly deliver a raw house, meaning it would be your responsibility to finish the inside (including drywall, tile, sink, etc). Your house comes basic: floor, walls (inside included unless you want drywall), roof. Electricity is wired from panel to walls and ceiling. Plumbing is ready to be plugged with appliances of your choice. In some cases, we can install your lights, outlets, switches, toilets, sinks, and showers. It goes per the contract we agreed on.

We also do pools using concrete, storage units, extensions of an existing house. Contact us with your project so we can get you the best offering.

Last but not least, we work very closely with an architect who is not going to cost you an arm or two!

Pre-purchase inspection: When moving in a foreign country, sometimes, we’re ready to invest into a new house and it is highly recommended to have someone check on what you are buying. This is a service we have recently started to offer. Obviously, it has no legal value, our reports are made based on our knowledge on the construction area. Our team is made from European and Panamanian workforce and we know exactly what to check to help you buy safely. Then, the choice stays yours anyway!

Yard and pool upkeep: We offer yard and pool services based on weekly or monthly plans. We commit to come and we come to commit!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any project or question you may have. Remember our job is to bring you solutions so you can focus on living your life!

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