Past Realisations

Past Realisations

Whenever it comes to business, you absolutely NEED an online presence. You can go with a Facebook page, but your business will definitely look more professional with a website.

Your potential clients will find you easily on any search engine because your website will be S.E.O. optimised. That’s the key.

Let’s face it. Facebook is fine but you can bet that people will not necessarily have the idea to check on Facebook to see if they can find you. In some places in the world, it still works enough like this but that will not last long.

Just to give you an idea,

Here are a few examples of my past realisations.

Check these websites out and let’s talk soon about getting you online. Like SERIOUSLY!

Contact us by email for more information and we will be happy to provide you with options and pricing.


Manzana Consulting, Corp.


Expatriation Panama


Anne au Panama

Anne au Panama


BnB El Litoral, Panama


Idgaf Photography


Manzana Coaching

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