Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media

We live in an era where you may find yourself “tagging” your colleague on Facebook while he is sitting right next to you. Sounds crazy huh!

This is what we call:

The Power of Social Media! 

Power of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media in a few words

But not only you will use social medias to tag your friends or colleagues, that is also a great tool for business. You can develop slightly your audience and increase dramatically your sales by doing some online ads for a few bucks.

Remember back in time when we had to print our advertisements, mail them, or have someone handling them to (not so)-potential clients? That was costing an insane amount of money and that was sometimes not even worth it.

As always, there is good and bad things about social media. For instance, one of the advantage is that you can do business worldwide and you can share your blog and ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. You just have to choose the most appropriate social media depending on your activity and your audience. We will explain in another article the uses you can make of some of the most important social medias. You can reach thousands of people in one click from your home office wearing your pajamas! Ha!

On the other hand, you have to be very careful about your e-label because that is also very easy to harm your reputation if you don’t protect your personal data. This is one of the course I teach: Protecting your personal data to avoid hurting your business 🙂

The old statement “It takes years to get a good reputation and minutes to take it down” applies even more these days where people have the tendency to share everything on the Internet. I always preach to take any opportunity as an improvement path, and social media is definitely something to consider to improve your business’ reputation. You gotta love it!

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