ShopShop Review

ShopShop Review

Today, I just want to share my shopping list application with you! Don’t worry, I am not asking you go for my grocery shopping!

For organisation purposes, I am sharing my ShopShop Review with you!

This app is really useful and I like the features it offers. First, it is free and I am sure you are all like me, free stuff is good! Then, it keeps the different stuff you wrote, so the first list could be long (not that much comparing to writing everything on a paper you would loose without minutes!) but then, you just have to select what you need to buy and that’s it.

During your long trip into the grocery stores, you just have to cross what you just put in your cart. If you want to remove all crossed articles, just shake your phone and that lines disappear! The great point with this app is that you can share it by email and the recipient would open it with shopshop as he or she made the list!

It is not just another shopping list app. You can change the color theme, have several lists with different stores, and it is so easy to use that a 6-year old kid can do it! Do not hesitate to download it and tell me what you think!

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