5 reasons for signing with us

5 reasons for signing with us

5 reasons for signing with us

When you own a property where you’re not living full time in, it may be very challenging to find a reliable company that will take care of your home the way you would. To make your decision easier, here is

5 reasons for signing with us

There are many reasons I could bring before your eyes today but I am only picking the 5 most important!

  • We are customer-service oriented

With a solid background in the aeronautic industry, you can be sure that we are going above and beyond your expectations for making sure everything goes smooth. We always emphasize proactivity over reactivity and we believe in the power of communication.

We will also contact you with planned maintenance schedule so you can plan your expenses for making sure your house is and stays in good state. It means you will hear weekly from us whether everything is well or if something needs to be done.

  • We are flexible

We have basic service offerings but we also have a-la-carte services so we are always open to discussion for helping you choose the right set of services you need. Since you deserve the best, you just have to request a custom offer to only get the services you need.

You can either decide to have your home managed while you’re away or have it rented to maximize your return on investment. You can see the list of our services here.

  • We have an in-house team for maintenance and repairs

We have knowledgable workers in electricity, plumbing, and remodelling so you are sure you will not have random people in your house. It maintains safety at high levels since this would only be people we know well and we trust. We believe it is important for you to know that only a few persons will have access to your property, unless you have renters.

The fact that the in-house team has a strong knowledge in construction and materials is one of the best ways to save money because none of them would advise to do unnecessary work in your home.

  • We offer short-term contracts

You don’t have to go for a complete year with us. We offer you 6-month contract so you can try us and decide. Cancelling the contract only requires a written notice 30 days before the contract ends.

We are sure you will sign again but we also know you need evidences of what we say!

  • We speak 3 languages

If you decide to rent, having a team who speaks 3 languages is a bonus!

It makes you sure you can take renters from almost everywhere. If you want us to advertise on the Internet, we will do so in English, French, and Spanish.  We are confident it would be maximizing your chances to make an income out of your investment.

Remember you can contact us for discussing your needs in depth and that we would be honored to take care of your home like it was ours.

House in El Espino de San Carlos

House in El Espino de San Carlos

Last year, we have built a house in El Espino de San Carlos. We decided with the client not to reinvent the wheel and to build under Panamanian standards.

The house is 50 m2 inside with a 50 m2 covered terrace. There is room for extension if the client likes to build additional bedrooms.


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