Using the Important and Urgent Matrix

Using the Important and Urgent Matrix.

Interestingly, when you want to be better at time-management, you have to waste some time to carefully watch yourself at work! The main task is to prioritize your time

Using the Important and Urgent Matrix.

This is a wonderful tool that will really help you after you mastered the way to use it. There are four quadrant in this matrix.

First quadrant:

The one we spend more time on is the “Urgent and Important”. Because we did not manage our time before, every single task falls in this quadrant and your todo list is a never ending story. This quadrant is commonly called the “Firefighting”.

Second quadrant:

The second quadrant is the one we SHOULD spend most of our time: this is the “NOT Urgent but Important”. With a good time management training, you would be able to work in advance on tasks or projects BEFORE they become urgent. This is where planning management and definition of priorities come into action. If you can plan ahead, you would be able to work on your projects without rush and the outcomes are positively better. As a result, this quadrant is usually called “Quality Time”.

Third quadrant:

The third quadrant, called “Distraction” is the one we have to manage because it includes interruptions, phone calls, and all other distractions that can be urgent.

Fourth and last quadrant:

Finally, I am sure you understood that the last quadrant is the “Not urgent and Not Important” one, also called “Time Wasting”. This one includes any activities you would like to do, such as washing your car, buy a lottery ticket, and so on.

Years of reading and documenting about the best way to manage my time made me com,e to the conclusion that I have a wide range of advise to provide so I can help people to master their time and finally save some to relax!

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